How to hack Instagram ID

someone stolen your Instagram ID? do this trick to f*ck him up

Let say your ID on Instagram is Jarvis
you changed your ID to Jarvis and someone just took your previous ID,

now here is what you need to do to access his account to change his userID or even delete his page,

it’s simple af that it’s gonna surprise you xD

you just simply need to go login page from the phone you made acc with, enter your ID and the password you had,
it’s gonna enter so easily ( it’s a bug )

also remember that you had to be on same IP and same phone as you made the account,
while I’m typing this, the method isr working and it’s not patched yet …

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if the support from this post were good, i’ll post another bug that allow you to PM from other peoples account to your DM
for example you can DM your self from your crush account that say ” I love you ” without her even know it

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