moto z2 force lineage os

lineageos 15.1 now helps a/b devices starting with the motorola moto z2 force
june 25, 2018 eleven:42am 12 comments aamir siddiqui
lineageos 15.1 now helps a/b gadgets beginning with the motorola moto z2 pressure
one of the greater thrilling changes that android nougat 7.0 delivered turned into the creation of a/b twin partition scheme for gadgets launched with this os model. this transformation tackled how android gadget updates are applied to devices, with the goal to provide a continuing upgrade experience to the person wherein a easy and short reboot brings them into the updated os. this modification also brought the gain of a failsafe which ensured that as a minimum one conceivable booting gadget stays on the tool in the course of an ota replace, allowing devices to β€œrollback” to the older system if an ota fails as well.

unfortunately, now not every tool that has obtained android supports this a/b twin partition scheme. this a/b partition scheme is often seen on devices that in the beginning shipped with android nougat, as updating a tool to nougat and then supporting this alteration might require a repartitioning, which changed into considered a risky proposition by means of many oems. here’s a list of devices that help a/b seamless updates. as a substitute, you can additionally manually take a look at whether your tool supports seamless updates.

at the same time as the a/b dual partition scheme is basically properly received, it did pose a project for the custom rom community. a/b gadgets did no longer come with a healing partition because the android system did not have a need for these walls, so the network had to adapt its approaches. twrp become released with guide for a/b gadgets, whilst magisk delivered guide for a/b devices with model 14.1.

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